Enjoy a Self-Guided Charleston Art Tour with Walking Map - LePrince Charleston Art Galleries on King Street

Enjoy a Self-Guided Charleston Art Tour with Walking Map

Take a Self-Guided Charleston Art Tour

Firstly, embarking on a self-guided art tour in Charleston is an excellant way to explore the city's art scene. Creating your own artistic journey gives you the freedom to discover galleries at you rown pace.  You will feel rewarded when you find thought-provoking art and exhibitions at your own pace.  Lastly, with our map in hand, you can seamlessly navigate the city's cultural landscape and uncover hidden artistic gems.

Firstly, pick a starting point.

Visitors can explore Charleston's notable art galleries, ensuring a seamless art tour.  The LePrince Fine Art Galleries' Google Walking Map offers a curated route for visitors, guiding them through Charleston's notable art galleries. In other words, this convenient tool provides directions, gallery descriptions, and information about featured artists and exhibitions. 

LePrince Fine Art Galleries, located at 183 & 184 King St in Charleston's Historic District, serve as an excellent starting point. Transitioning from the galleries, visitors can easily find convenient street parking or access a nearby garage from Horlbeck Alley between Meeting St and King St. The galleries welcome visitors Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

In summary, LePrince Fine Art gallery showcases a range of artistic styles, from contemporary impressionism, gesturally abstract, and abstract art.  Contemporary impressionism is a modern take on traditional impressionism. It features loose brushwork, vibrant colors, and focuses on capturing light and atmosphere. As time passed, contemporary impressionism evolved to include more gestural abstraction. This approach involves expressive brushwork and spontaneous gestures, adding depth and emotional impact to the artwork. 

Secondly, check out the talent.

Most importantly, don't forget the talent.  LePrince Fine Art Galleries feature a roster of notableartists who captivate with their artistic prowess. Among them are:

  1. Aaron Westerberg: A artist known for his exceptional portrayal of figures, still life, and landscapes. Westerberg is often referred to as a modern day Saergant.

  2. Kevin LePrince (founder and artist): A talented artist whose works blend contemporary impressionism with gestural abstraction, evoking a sense of emotion and movement.

  3. Lorraine Christi: A Belgian-born artist recognized for her romantic landscapes that capture the beauty of nature with a contemporary impressionistic approach.

  4. Mark Bailey: A noted artist celebrated for his unique use of hatching techniques, particularly renowned for his remarkable paintings of restaurants.

  5. Curt Butler: A contemporary Southeastern oil painter who merges gestural abstraction and impressionism in his distinct artistic style.

  6. Ning Lee: A Chinese-born master painter from the New York area, known for creating vivid and bold large-scale paintings that beautifully capture fleeting light.

  7. Ignat Ignatov: A Bulgarian-born artist residing in Charleston, capturing the enchanting magic of the city's architecture and the picturesque lowcountry scenes.

  8. Jacob Dhein: A Wisconsin-born artist living abroad, celebrated for his impressionistic depictions of figures and street scenes, showcasing his unique artistic vision.

  9. Tibor Nagy: An artist known for his emotionally charged and timeless landscape and architectural depictions of his home country, Slovakia, blending artistic skill with a profound sense of connection.

  10. Rene Romero Schuler: Renowned for her powerful and evocative portrayals of women, Schuler's artwork combines strength, vulnerability, and a profound exploration of the human spirit.

Charleston Art Walk and Self-Guided Art Tour Maps

Moreover, seamlessly tying everything together, galleries consistently offer regular monthly exhibitions that are open to the public. This means that each month, art enthusiasts can anticipate and immerse themselves in fresh and exciting displays of art. These exhibitions serve as a captivating platform that truly showcases the immense talent and boundless creativity of the featured artists, leaving visitors inspired and enthralled by the vibrant world of art.

These exhibitions provide a dynamic and ever-changing art experience for visitors, ensuring there is always something new to discover. Additionally, the LePrince Fine Art Galleries actively participate in the monthly art walk openings, contributing to the art community of Charleston. In summary, these art walk events create a lively atmosphere where visitors can explore the galleries, engage with the artists, and immerse themselves in the rich artistic offerings of the city.

Other Gallery Recommendations

After that, no Charleston art tour would be complete a visit to the following galleries:

Principle Gallery

(125 Meeting St): Principle is between LePrince and Myer Vogle, therefore, you want to head there next.  Principle exhibits a curated selection of contemporary representational art. Visitors can explore a variety of styles and mediums, ranging from landscapes to figurative works. Princile Gallery showcases the mastery of both established and emerging artists.

Meyer Vogl Gallery

(122 Meeting St): This gallery is just accros the street from Principle Gallery. Meyer Vogl Gallery presents a collection of representational art, with a focus on capturing the beauty of the Lowcountry. Visitors can experience a range of subjects, from landscapes and cityscapes to still life and figurative works.

Atrium Gallery

(61 Queen St): After that, step around the corner to discover Atrium Gallery. This gallery specializes in contemporary art, featuring a diverse range of captivating works, including abstract pieces by talented local and regional artists.Hagan Fine Art

(27 Church St): Continuing the art walk, Hagan Fine Art greets visitors with an exceptional collection of traditional and contemporary artwork. Notably, the gallery showcases a variety of styles, including representational, abstract, and impressionistic pieces, thus reflecting Charleston's artistic diversit. 

Anglin Smith Fine Art

(9 Queen St): Next, Nestled at the corner of State and Queen Street is Anglin Smith,a prominent gallery. Moreover, this gallery showcases the works of Beaty Anglin Smith, her children Jennifer, Shannon, and Trip, alongside other talented artists.

Horton Hayes Fine Art

(8 Queen St): As you near the conclusion, be sure to keep Horton Hayes in mind. Situated adjacent to Anglin Smith Fine Art, Horton Hayes Fine Art offers a specialized collection focusing on contemporary and traditional art.

Robert Lange Studios

(2 Queen St): Lastly, Robert Lange Studios presents a captivating blend of contemporary realism and imaginative works in an amazing environment. Don't miss the swing and grand piano. Moreover, the gallery showcases exceptional artworks by a talented roster of artists, including the owners Robert and Megan Lange.

When embarking on a self-guided Charleston art tour, visitors can follow this walking order to explore these notable galleries. Lastly, remember each gallery along the way offers a unique artistic experience. Please note, it's always a good idea to check their opening hours before embarking on the art walk.

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