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Artist Lorraine Christie, a celebrated Irish painter, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1967. From a young age, Christie had a passion for art. Despite receiving classical training in London, she considers herself "self-taught," as it has taken many years to evolve and expand her artistic style. She continues to develop and garner knowledge as a painter throughout her life.

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Lorraine Christie's oil paintings are characterized by the play of cooler tones and vibrant colors, with expert use of shade and light. Her paintings can be many things: joyful, sensitive, or poignant, often telling a story or leaving the viewer to reflect upon personal experiences and generate a story or ending of their own. Her often cryptic titles lend a sense of intrigue and can be reminiscent of bustling cities such as Paris, London, New York, or Rome.

Christie's romantic paintings in oil can also reflect a quiet or tender moment between people in a café's soft, intimate setting, a solitary figure roaming through a landscape, beloved dogs by the ocean, or the mystery of the urban landscape with figures going to and fro under umbrellas or perhaps dancing in a vibrant or romantic setting.

Christie also paints still-life works, but on a more infrequent basis, with the majority of her focus on figurative works. Her art is influenced by Impressionist masters such as Degas, L.S. Lowry, Toulouse-Lautrec, Singer-Sargent, and perhaps Cézanne, among others. This influence is evident in her technique, where she uses mostly palette-knife with brush. This creates a sense of movement with loose and expressive brushstrokes. Spontaneity can be found at times, as if to capture a snapshot of two lovers.  Sometimes a fleeting embrace or a tender kiss. Her paintings captivate her audience and evoke strong emotions.

The Start:

Since 1990, Lorraine Christie has been fortunate to travel extensively and exhibit her artworks widely in her native Ireland, the United Kingdom. She has found international acclaim in prestigious collections in Japan, Singapore, and Europe. Also, proud to have her works in the permanent collection of the Ulster Museum, Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

While Lorraine Christie is not one to expand on personal triumphs, many famous magazineshave featured her work including:

American Art Collector

Art Galleries and Artists of the South

Elle Decor

Furthermore, her works have been featured on the cover of Atlanta Museum and Gallery Guide and Panorama, A Guide to Boston Events.

Her works have been purchased by many wonderful clients including HRH King Charles III of the United Kingdom. Lorraine Christie is mostly happy to let her paintings speak for themselves. She  hopes to continue to inspire and captivate audiences with her heartfelt paintings filled with the beauty and wonder of life surrounding us.  The feeling of joy, love, pain, disappointment, courage, desire, and hope are all present in her works.


Lorraine Christie currently resides in Greater Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. As she continues to move through life, her paintings also continue to evolve, inspire, captivate, and generate emotions that resonate within us all. Her dedication speaks volumes, as does her ongoing success as a highly accomplished artist. In the artist's words: "I am thrilled yet humbled to call this my profession. I simply need to paint, and it is somehow within my blood and life-force to continue. I can only hope to do so for as long as life allows."

Lorraine Christie

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