Collection: Still Life Paintings

The LePrince Art Gallery in Charleston, SC features a variety of original still life paintings. View oil paintings of flowers, food, animals, cars and other items of nostaglia. These paintings can be classical and representational to modern and abstract. Several of our artists specialize in still lif artwork and each has their own style.

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What are still life paintings?

Still Life are works of art that show an arrangement of inanimate objects like flowers, food, a banquet or breakfast, dead animals or symbolic items of nostaglia.

Floral paintings.

Natural, cut flowers are what you will typically find in still life flower paintings. The LePrince Gallery features floral works of art from Ning Lee, Stacy Barter, Vicki Robinson, Rosanne Cerbo and more.

Banquet and food paintings.

Breakfast platters, kitchen scenes along with other food and beverages are what you will typically find in still life banquet oil paintings such as plate of oysters or a coffee cup for example.

Animal paintings.

Animal still lifes are typically very classical and generally feature dead animals such as ducks on a string or fish.

Symbolic paintings.

From paintings of cars to musical instruments and everything in between. Mark Bailey's gin bottle series is a good example of a symbolic still life artwork.

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Still Life Paintings