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At LePrince Fine Art, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help collectors and designers find the perfect artwork. Our Charleston art gallery provides the following services:

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Virtual Viewer and Previews

First, we offer a “Virtual Viewer” on our website to lay out an entire room, home, or office. Simply send us images and sizes of your space, and we’ll handle the rest.

Art Gallery Commissioning Services

Additionally, our consultation services provide personalized advice, including virtual mock-ups of artworks. This helps clients see how the art will look in their space. Moreover, we offer commissioning services, allowing clients to request specific artworks tailored to their tastes. This collaboration between the artist and collector creates a unique piece perfect for any space.

Charleston Art Framing Services

Furthermore, we guide you in choosing the best frame to complement your artwork. Our recommended partner,, ensures a beautiful and timeless result.

Fine Art Financing

Since art can be costly, we offer financing options with 6, 12, and 24-month terms. Moreover, rates start at 0% interest for 6 months, pending qualification. This provides an affordable way to acquire desired artwork. Importantly, qualification takes seconds and doesn’t affect your credit score.

Shipping Artwork and Frames

In addition, we ensure safe arrival with insured shipments and provide certificates of authenticity. This guarantees the artwork’s genuineness and increases its value.

Charleston Art Consulting Services

Similarly, we offer designers access to our consultation services, including virtual mock-ups of artworks in clients' spaces. Our experts guide selecting the best artworks to match the designer's vision and enhance the design.

Art Gallery Pricing

Above all, we believe in transparent pricing. All artworks' prices are published on our website and in our gallery. This builds trust with our clients and helps establish long-term relationships. Because transparency is essential in the art industry, we are committed to providing the information needed for informed decisions.

For more information, see our article on art gallery pricing, tips, and tricks.

To summarize, visit our Charleston art gallery for all your art needs. Whether adding to a collection, starting anew, or finding the perfect piece, LePrince Fine Art is here to help. With our focus on captivating stories and unique brushstrokes, we leave a lasting impression.

Kevin LePrince, Owner & Artist