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LePrince Art Galleries | Charleston, SC

Art Light w/ Dimmer Order Guide

Art Light w/ Dimmer Order Guide

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Our custom made art lights are hand assembled in California by a specialty lighting company to make your painting look it's best day and night.  Production time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Elevate your art!

  • all lights come standard with a dimmer switch (conceal by mounting on the back of the frame)
  • professionally tuned LED modules evenly lillumiate the exact height and width of your painting
  • Art safe LEDs
  • CRI value over 90 (Color Rendering Index)
  • R9 value of 83 (most LEDs rate below 60 displaying warmer tones and reds)
  • Color temperature tuned to 3000 kelvins for a warm crisp light
  • 50,000 hour LED bulbs
  • The standard mount option installs in about 30 minutes
  • add the paintable taperwire to the standard mount unit for a flawless wireless look on sheetrock (as easy as peel, stick, & paint). See images.
  • add extra microwire to the standard mount unit to hide the wire on brick walls. (adhere microwire along grout to disquise)
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