Artist Submission Form

The Charleston art market is probably one of the most vibrant and alive venues for artists in the entire county.  If you are a career artist being represented by a Charleston gallery should be a top priority.  The town has an abundance of successful art galleries and these galleries represent the biggest and most successful artists of the day including local, domestic, and international names. Charleston itself is know as an art destination and is always listed as one of the top tourist destinations by the travel magazines. 

Charleston hosts well over 7 million travelers each year and that equals a lot of eyes on the art we showcase.  As a result our client base covers a large portion of the US, Canada,  and many countries in Europe.  In town shippers have made thier businesses successful by catering to the demand to ship of art out of Charleston.

The LePrince Fine Art Galleries are both located on King Street in the heart of the popular historic district.  We are always looking for talented emerging and career artists and sculptors to complement our existing roster. Please use the form below to submit your work for consideration.

We view our collection of artists as "industry partners" and aim to add value through representation and promotion. The questions below are designed to help the gallery evaluate what opportunities exist for us to grow our mutual art businesses by working together. Your answers will remain confidential and will not be shared outside of LePrince Fine Art.