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Artist Mark Bailey is an American artist known for his paintings of restaurants, kitchens, and figures. He frequently visits Charleston, SC for it's abundant inspiration. He was awarded best in show at the Colorado Governor's Exhibit in 2015.

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Gallery artist Mark Bailey is an accomplished artist known for his remarkable mark making and storytelling ability. Born in the United States, he developed a passion for art at a young age and pursued formal training, earning his Bachelor's degree in fine art (BFA) from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Bailey's paintings capture the movement and intimate details of his subjects, and are characterized by an impressionistic style that uses gestural brushstrokes to subtly define figures and objects. His cityscapes and interiors glow with the energy of the city and its urban backdrops, while his exquisite figures reveal an unspoken undertone of individual stories within each scene.

Early in his career, Bailey's artistic talent was recognized by Southwest Art magazine, which named him one of "21 Under 31 Artists to Collect Now." He has since been featured in numerous publications, including American Art Collector and The Artist's Magazine. Mark Andrew Bailey's ability to capture the essence of his subject matter in his unique impressionistic style has made him a highly sought-after artist.

One technique that sets Bailey apart from other artists is his use of hatching. Hatching is a mark-making technique that involves creating parallel lines or series of strokes to create the illusion of shading or shadow. Bailey has taken this technique to new heights, merging impressionism and gestural abstraction to create intricate and detailed paintings that capture the essence of his subject matter. His mastery of these techniques has earned him acclaim in art competitions, including Best in Show at the Governor's Art Exhibit in Colorado.

Mark Bailey's impressive impressionistic style and masterful use of hatching along with other techniques have set him apart in the art world. His works captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike with their emotional resonance and stunning visuals.

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  • - July 31, 2010

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Mark Bailey

Exploring Hatching: A Fundamental Mark-Making Technique

Read more about Mark Bailey's method and use of the "Hatching Technique", a fundamental mark-making technique that involves creating parallel lines or series of strokes to create the illusion of shading or shadow. It has been used by artists for centuries to create depth, texture, and form in works of art.

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