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Charleston Art: Oil Paintings of Downtown Charleston

Announcing a Stunning New Collection: Charleston Oil Paintings

LePrince Fine Art proudly announces a new collection dedicated exclusively to Charleston oil paintings. This exceptional collection features the best works of our gallery's artists, showcasing the beauty and charm of Charleston, South Carolina. Each painting captures the unique essence of this historic city, from its iconic architecture to its vibrant street scenes.

Celebrating Charleston's Rich Artistic Heritage

Charleston has always inspired artists with its historic buildings, charming streets, and stunning coastal views. Our new collection pays homage to this rich artistic heritage, bringing together works that celebrate every aspect of Charleston.

Charleston's Artistic Journey

Charleston's art scene has deep roots dating back to the 18th century. Back then, artists began documenting the city's unique landscape, focusing on its picturesque architecture, bustling port, and lush gardens. These early works not only showcased the city's beauty but also played a crucial role in preserving its history and heritage.

In the early 20th century, the Charleston Renaissance marked a pivotal moment for the city's art scene. During this period, local artists like Alice Ravenel Huger Smith, Elizabeth O'Neill Verner, and Alfred Hutty emerged as prominent figures. Their works brought national attention to Charleston, celebrating its natural beauty and cultural richness. This movement revitalized the city's artistic community and cemented Charleston's reputation as a vibrant hub for the arts.

Embracing Contemporary Charleston Art

Today, Charleston's art scene thrives with contemporary artists who draw inspiration from the city's historic charm and natural beauty. At the forefront of this movement are artists like Marc Anderson, Ignat Ignatov, Kevin LePrince, and Mark Bailey, whose works are showcased at LePrince Fine Art.

Charleston Art by Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson's paintings bring Charleston's streets and architecture to life. His use of color and light captures the city's unique atmosphere. Anderson's works often depict Charleston's historic homes and lively streets, offering a fresh perspective on familiar scenes.


Ignat Ignatov

Ignat Ignatov's art stands out for its emotional depth and vibrant colors. He focuses on Charleston's iconic architecture and historic churches. Recently, Ignatov has incorporated drone technology into his creative process. This innovation has allowed him to create a stunning series of aerial paintings, providing a bird's-eye view of Charleston's beauty and capturing the intricate details of its buildings and city layout from above.

Kevin LePrince

Kevin LePrince excels in capturing the essence of Charleston. His paintings of local churches, buildings, and street scenes are filled with energy and life. LePrince’s work is a testament to the city's enduring appeal and dynamic spirit.

Downtown Charleston Art

Mark Bailey

Lastly, Mark Bailey is celebrated for his intricate paintings of restaurant interiors. His work captures the lively ambiance of Charleston’s dining scene. Bailey’s art offers a unique glimpse into the social heart of the city, showcasing the elegance and vibrancy of local eateries.

Discover Charleston Through Our Exclusive Collection

Moreover, our new collection of Charleston oil paintings is a must-see for anyone who loves this beautiful city. Each painting in the collection offers a unique perspective on Charleston, from its historic architecture to its vibrant street life. These works not only capture the beauty of Charleston but also tell the story of its rich cultural heritage.

Enhancing Your Art Browsing Experience

Additionally, we have created this collection to provide you with an easy way to sort and explore artwork that focuses on Charleston. Whether you are looking for a piece that captures the historic charm of downtown or the lively energy of local restaurants, our collection offers a convenient and enjoyable browsing experience.

Visit LePrince Fine Art

LePrince Fine Art gallery is the perfect place to explore this stunning new collection. Located in the heart of Charleston, our gallery features works by Marc Anderson, Ignat Ignatov, Kevin LePrince, Mark Bailey, and other talented artists. Each piece in our collection captures a unique aspect of Charleston, making it a perfect addition to any art lover's collection.


In conclusion, Charleston's art scene is a dynamic blend of history and contemporary creativity. Our new collection of Charleston oil paintings celebrates this vibrant culture, offering a fresh and beautiful perspective on this timeless city. Visit LePrince Fine Art to discover the beauty and charm of Charleston through the eyes of our talented artists.

Finally, we invite you to explore Charleston through our exclusive collection and find the perfect piece to bring a touch of this historic city into your home. Whether you're a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, our collection offers something truly special.