Spotlight: Artist Laura Lacambra Shubert - LePrince Charleston Art Galleries on King Street

Spotlight: Artist Laura Lacambra Shubert

Artist Laura Lacambra Shubert now represented by LePrince Fine Art

LePrince Fine Art announces representation of contemporary artist Laura Lacambra Shubert. Known for her evocative and graceful style, Laura Lacambra Shubert art's beautifully captures life's quiet moments through her masterful use of light and shadow.

About Laura Lacambra Shubert

Shubert, a celebrated contemporary artist, has a unique talent for transforming simple subjects into creative scenes. Born in Durham, North Carolina, and raised between Florida and Spain, her multicultural background significantly influences her artistic style. Shubert's education in art began at Southern Methodist University, where she earned a BFA in Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing. Further refining her craft, she studied at the Académie Port Royal in Paris.

Shubert's Artistic Style

Characterized by broad, bravura-style brushstrokes, Shubert weaves light and shadow into each composition. Her subjects range from ballerinas to sun-dappled facades, all evoking a sense of tranquility and romance. Shubert’s work is accessible and emotionally resonant, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments.

Achievements and Recognition

Additionally, In 2000, Shubert was named a Fellow of London’s Royal Society of Arts. Moreover, this  prestigious honor solidified her reputation in the contemporary art world. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across the United States and is featured in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Techniques and Inspirations

Shubert layers paint to convey micro-movements in still environments, such as rocking boats and sunlight filtering through leaves.  These scenes remind viewers of life’s quiet pleasures, offering a refreshing escape. Her ability to capture such serene moments makes her paintings a perfect addition to any collection.

LePrince Fine Art and Laura Lacambra Shubert

Lastly, LePrince Fine Art is thrilled to represent Shubert, whose work aligns perfectly with the gallery's dedication to showcasing exceptional contemporary art. Visitors to LePrince Fine Art can now experience the captivating beauty of Laura Lacambra Shubert art firsthand.

In conclusion, Laura Lacambra Shubert’s paintings offer a serene escape into the beauty of everyday life. Finally, explore her enchanting works at LePrince Fine Art and let her art bring tranquility and elegance into your life.