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Artist Curt Butler is an American contemporary artist residing near Charlotte, NC. Curt now shows his work's depicting lowcountry scenery and wildlife in Charleston, SC at LePrince Fine Art.

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The art world highly regards gallery artist Curt Butler for his exceptional skills in storytelling and mark-making. Butler received his B.A. from Kent State University and his M.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design. Over the years, he has taught at various institutions, including Braitman Studio, Gaston Day School, Gaston College, and Gaston School of the Arts. He has also hosted several guild workshops throughout the Southeast for art students and professional artists. In 2004, Gaston Day School awarded him the title of Teacher of the Year, showcasing his dedication and talent as an educator.


Firstly, Butler's style is characterized by a distinctive use of bold colors, gestural brushwork, and expressive mark-making. His works convey a palpable sense of emotion and a keen attention to detail, making them uniquely captivating. Each image suggests a story that goes beyond the surface, making his paintings known for their strong narrative quality.

Secondly, Curt Butler's interest in impasto and scumbling techniques is evident in his current medium of oil painting. He builds up layers of paint to create texture, which he then carves and gouges with a palette knife. His technique results in a sculptural quality that adds a conceptual depth to his works. Through his use of color, he creates an atmospheric and emotional quality that draws the viewer into his world.

Moreover, his pieces are a stunning blend of realism and abstraction, with each work conveying a unique story. The images that seem clear at a distance fade into separate areas of tone and texture up close, inviting the viewer to contemplate the process of mark-making and the act of painting itself. Butler's works are particularly strong in their ability to tell a story, with each painting inviting the viewer to actively engage with its mood and narrative.

Lastly, numerous permanent collections, including Dallas Art Museum, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Gaston Day Gallery, and Duke University Cancer Center, own his works. paintings are available through LePrince Fine Art Gallery in Charleston.

In conclusion, Curt Butler's artwork innovative approach to art, combined with his talent for storytelling and mark-making, sets him apart as a unique and inspiring artist. His paintings are sure to engage and captivate anyone who has the privilege of viewing them.

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Curt Butler

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