Collection: Urban Paintings

The LePrince Art Gallery in Charleston, SC features a variety of original urban oil paintings from both local, low-country artists and nationally acclaimed artists. Charleston's near limitless inspiration lends itself to architectural paintings featuring iconic buildings and homes, bustling cafe interiors, and the hustle of street life.

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Types of Urban Paintings at our Charleston Art Gallery.

Representational Urban Artwork

The LePrince Gallery showcases a variety of representational urban artwork that depicts the everyday life in the city and Charleston scenery. Marc Anderson, Mark Bailey and Ignat Ignatov have all established themselves as excellent representational painters.

Abstract Urban Oil Paintings

Gestural abstract artwork doesn't attempt to represent the accuracy of the subject being painted. Rather, abstract artists use shapes, various colors, forms, and gestural marks to capture the essence of a scene. Simple faceless figures in a crowd outlined by a city or "marks" suggesting a building or structure can oftentimes convey more to a viewer than a static image or photograph.

Our art gallery in Charleston, SC houses various pieces of gestural abstract urban oil paintings from professional artists like Curt Butler and Mark Bailey. Ignat Ignatov's work can be both representational, impressionist and abstract at times.

Impressionistic Urban Paintings

Impressionist artworks are mainly focused on the depiction of light itself. In some ways they can be the middle ground between realism and abstract. The artist uses the depiction of light and direction of brush strokes all tell a story. Any of the artists in our gallery could fall into this category at any given time. Mark Bailey's interiors drift somewhere in between these styles.

Urban Paintings