Collection: René Romero Schuler

Artist René Romero Schuler is a contemporary American artist who creates deeply emotional and textured paintings and sculptures. Additionally, her works speak to the complex nature of the human experience and the spirit that connects us all. Schuler's childhood experiences and personal journey heavily influence her art.  Her work is equal parts self-portraiture and depictions of the range of emotions she has experienced.

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Schuler's art often features feminine figures that are semi-abstract and textured, allowing for interpretation by the viewer.  Moreover, her figures are symbolic of the scars and flaws that shape individuals. They also serve as representations of the underlying beauty that transcends physical, emotional, and mental barriers. In every work she creates, Schuler aims to show the imperfection, stress, and underlying beauty of the being she portrays.

Worldwide Exhibitons

Furthermore, Schuler's art has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and in international cities such as Paris, Rome, Paxos, Singapore, and Beirut. Her work is included in the permanent collections of several museums and galleries, including The Union League Club of Chicago, Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago, Grand Valley State University in Michigan, Coral Springs Museum of Art, and St. Thomas University Museum of Art - Sardiñas Gallery in Miami. Despite her success, Schuler's journey to becoming an artist was not easy.

Born in Chicago, she spent part of her childhood in Ecuador with her grandparents,. Afterwards she returned to the city's north side. There she faced a difficult homelife that prompted her to leave home at an early age. However, Schuler found solace and a profession in her lifelong talent for creating artwork.  Building a robust business around commissioned artwork for designers of hospitatilty properties, Shuler became a successful entreprenuer.  

Additionally, today, Schuler's authentic expressionism fosters an emotional connection to her artwork for audiences and collectors worldwide. bring healing and joy to those who interact with her pieces. Her work has even inspired musical artistry, with "Jolere," a musical production based on her work.  "Jolere" includes five original scores composed by Lee Kesselman and accompanying contemporary dance choreographed by Joanna Lees.

In addition to her artwork, Schuler has authored several published works, including "René Romero Schuler: Life and Works" (2013), "René Romero Schuler" (2016), "René Romero Schuler" (2019), and "Ladies" (scheduled for publication in 2022). Through her art and writing, Schuler hopes to tap into the need to realize and embrace the inner beauty that transcends the physical, emotional, and mental barriers that our life experiences have created within us.

René Romero Schuler