Rene Schuler Art Exhibition November 1st - LePrince Charleston Art Galleries on King Street

Rene Schuler Art Exhibition November 1st

Rene Schuler Art Exhibition at LePrince Fine Art, Charleston

Mark the Date:

On Friday, November 1st, from 5-8 pm, art enthusiasts and admirers will gather at LePrince Fine Art in Charleston to witness the illustrious works of Rene Schuler. Contact the gallery for more details.

About René Romero Schuler

Artist René Romero Schuler is a contemporary American artist who creates deeply emotional and textured paintings and sculptures. Additionally, her works speak to the complex nature of the human experience and the spirit that connects us all. Schuler's childhood experiences and personal journey heavily influence her art. Her work is equal parts self-portraiture and depictions of the range of emotions she has experienced.

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