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Jeffery Honsberger is a master of the rare and unique art form of Cold Glass. His love for glass was sparked many years ago during a walk down Fifth Avenue in Naples, Florida, where he discovered his admiration for several art and glass galleries. This experience quickly turned into a lifelong passion, and Jeffery has been studying and learning every element of the glass concept ever since.

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Before becoming an artist, Jeffery spent many years working in the Defense and Space industry, where attention to detail is paramount. This experience has proven to be an excellent foundation for his work in Cold Glass art. The same precision and attention to detail that is required in the aerospace industry is essential in Jeffery's work, where he must carefully cut and polish each piece of glass to create a perfectly finished work of art. His extensive experience in the industry has given him a unique set of skills and an eye for detail that is reflected in every piece of glass art that he creates.

Jeffery's unique approach to glass art involves using a method that very few glass artists consider. Unlike the 99% of glass artists who use hot glass, Jeffery starts to build his beautiful glass sculptures without heat. The process begins with a design that Jeffery sketches out on paper. He then constructs a model and makes drawings, during which he experiments with different color combinations to decide which he likes best. Then he takes optical crystal glass and cuts the raw glass using a 20" diamond saw specifically designed to cut thick glass. After cutting the glass, he goes through several grinding and polishing steps to bring the glass surface to a perfect polished piece. Once he has two surfaces polished, he laminates them with a museum-grade adhesive that is optically clear. He starts by building from the inside and works his way out until he finishes a sculpture. This process can take from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the complexity of the piece.

Jeffery is always up for a challenge and loves to take on custom commissions. He has created several custom pieces for school alumni, highlighting their team colors, among other unique pieces. His exquisite glass art is highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Thanks to the unique and intricate nature of Cold Glass art, it is not surprising that it has become increasingly popular among collectors and art enthusiasts in recent years. Jeffery Honsberger's dedication to his craft and his exquisite pieces of glass art have helped to drive this growth in popularity. His background in the defense and space industry has provided him with the perfect foundation for this kind of work, as his attention to detail and precision are essential in both industries.

Jeffery Honsberger's work is an excellent example of the unique beauty and artistic expression that can be achieved through the Cold Glass process. With his passion for the craft and his dedication to producing stunning works of art, Jeffery is sure to continue inspiring and delighting art enthusiasts for many years to come.

Jeffrey Honsberger

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