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Artist George Pate is American architect turned visual artist. He is nationally known for his landscape paintings of the South Carolina low country and urban cityscapes of Charleston, SC. Pate is an accomplished member of the Oil Painters of America.

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Natural and architectural forms fill George Pate’s work, reflecting the major preoccupations of his life. Graduated as an architect, Pate retains his love of dwellings and their shapes and forms. Whether a rambling, flat-topped adobe complex or a tall- spired New England church, the buildings of various cultures provide destinations in his works. Pate’s affinity for landscape stems from or, conversely, has motivated his many travels throughout the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Whether coastal or high desert, Pate's impressionistic paintings meld spontanuity and thought in one, exploring the between heart, soul and subject bravado. His work exudes a passionate and educated perception orchestrating years of discipline with talent and studies.

A resident of Beaufort, South Carolina, Pate finds ample subject matter in this imminently paintable landscape, filled with beautiful marsh scenes and native residents. He works en plein air to render South Carolina's light, shade, and shadow with strong design, vital color, and thoughtful brush strokes. Pate evokes both realism and impressionism in his canvases and consistently displays his understanding of the essentials of form, color, and composition. At the same time, his works are inventive and infused with emotion. He previously resided in Sante Fe, New Mexico where he was inspired by the culture, architecture, the peaks and troughs of the desert and mountains and the open skies.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, George Pate spent summers on his uncle’s farm in Canada. His long journey as a painter began at age two when he received his first easel. While in the Air Force, he traveled to Japan and the Pacific. A born teacher, he makes his knowledge of painting available to students at the university level and leads innumerable painting workshops.

Professional organizations have recognized Pate with shows, purchases, and awards. His work is represented in both private and corporate collections. He is an award winning OPA artist of the Oil Painters of America and a member of Watercolor West. He is also a member of the Salmagundi Club in New York.

George Pate