Collection: Farm Paintings

The LePrince Art Gallery in Charleston, SC features original farm paintings from various gallery artists. From farm houses and landscape scenes to farm animals and the wildlife that inhabit them, our gallery is sure to have a piece to bring the tranquility of farm life into your home or office.

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Diverse in style and size, our gallery offers original oil paintings of farm life as each artists percieves it. If you are looking for a farm landscape or barn scene you'll want to browse Deborah Hill's abstract "Field and Farm Series" or works from Jacob Dhein, Tibor Nagey and Ignat Ignatov. Animal lover? Check out Kevin LePrince's various animal works or Kyle Paliotto's impressionistic paintings of livestock.

Our website is updated daily to reflect new arrivals. Art financing options are available at checkout. Our gallery artists are available to paint commissions. Please contact us with any questions, we are here to help you find the perfect painting.

Farm Paintings

The Importance of Art Lighting

Art is an expression of creativity and beauty that deserves to be showcased in the best possible way. One of the essential elements in showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of fine art is proper lighting. The quality of the light source used in art lighting plays a significant role in the way that we perceive color and texture.

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