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The Importance of Art Lighting: How Proper Lighting Enhances Your Artwork

LePrince Fine Art is proud to offer the finest art lighting available. Click here to customize and order your art light.

Art is an expression of creativity and beauty that deserves to be showcased in the best possible way. One of the essential elements in showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of fine art is proper lighting. The quality of the light used in art lighting plays a significant role in the way that we perceive color and texture. With the latest LED and optical technology, the art lighting industry has seen a revolution, providing even illumination and accurate color rendering.

At LePrince Fine Art Gallery, we understand the importance of lighting.  We have partnered with a California based lighting company that specializes in crafting customized art lights.  They produce the finest art lighting in the industry. Each art light is tailored to the unique dimensions and aesthetic features of each artwork.  They use the latest LED and optical technology to provide even illumination, accurate color rendering.

R Value

Firstly, one of the key factors in achieving accurate color rendering is the R Value. The R value is a measure of how accurately a light source can reproduce the red tones in a color palette. Red tones are notoriously difficult to render accurately, and many light sources struggle to reproduce them faithfully. Our art lights have a R9 value (placing them in the 90th percentile), which means they can accurately reproduce red tones, ensuring the artwork's colors appear vivid and true to life.


Secondly, our art lights are also safe for the artwork. They provide a safer alternative to inexpensive LEDS,  battery-operated LEDs, and legacy sources.  These other lights emit excessive and damaging UV light and heat. Be leery of cheap LED lights.  They can cause fading and other forms of damage to the artwork over time in addition to having poor a CRI and R rating.

Color Rendering Index

Thirdly, our lighting solution also incorporates LEDs with a high Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) value (also over 90th percentile) to accurately reflect the artist's color palette. Our 3000K color temperature light source remains constant through the dimming curve. This keeps whites natural and crisp, ideal for illuminating both old world masters and contemporary pieces.

Lastly, these art lights are designed to be minimal in scale, blending seamlessly with the artwork and surrounding décor. They provide even illumination across the entire canvas from top to bottom and left to right. This highlights every detail of the artwork while minimizing spill-over light.

In addition, the standard mount fixture light is the most popular and is quick and easy to install, requiring only four screws for installation. Two screws are used to attach the light itself to the wall or frame, and two screws are used to install the dimmer switch. Concealing the wiring is easy with Taperwire (a tape like adhesive wire that is almost invisible when painted) and Microwire (used to hide the wiring along brick grout lines). 

Paintable Tape Wire There is no need for additional electrical work with the standard mount or cutting into your walls. The overall appearance of the installation is clean and professional and only takes about 30 minutes.

In conclusion, we take pride in offering these virtually maintenance-free art lights (est. 50,000 hours) that are art safe and enhance the beauty of your art. These lights come standard with a dimmer.  Please call us for more information or to order a light. You can also build your own custom art light online through our website.