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Shipping Art from Charleston to the World

Artists and galleries in Charleston, SC must have knowledge about shipping art. Charleston is known for its vibrant cultural scene and rich history. This makes it an art hub that captures the attention of both locals and tourists. Its landscapes, historic architecture, and art galleries contribute to its appeal as a popular destination for art enthusiasts. At LePrince Fine Art our influence extends far beyond the boundaries of Charleston. In fact, approximately 80% of our paintings and sculptures find their way to other states and countries, connecting our artwork with appreciative audiences worldwide.

Charleston's Popular Art Scene

Charleston's art scene  art scene has flourished over the years, attracting a diverse array of talented artists and fostering a vibrant creative community. The city's art galleries, exhibitions, and festivals provide a forum for both established and emerging artists to show their work. The fusion of Lowcountry art, modern pieces, and interpretations of Charleston's landscapes, streets, and culture contributes to the city's allure. This captivating blend has made Charleston a prized destination for art buyers and draws visitors from across the globe. When it comes to shipping art, the experts at LePrince Fine Art possess the skills to ensure delivery.

Shipping Art to Distant Shores

While our physical presence is in Charleston, our influence extends well beyond its charming streets. LePrince Fine Art is dedicated to sharing our carefully curated collection with art buyers worldwide. Through our connections with trusted industry partners and the implementation of best packing and shipping practices, we have the ability to ship art to various destinations across states and countries. We streamline the shipping process by electronically filing invoices and customs paperwork, for a smooth experience. White glove delivery is available for an additional fee.

Cultivating a Domestic and International Audience

The allure of artwork transcends geographical boundaries and captivates art buyers worldwide. Through our online gallery and digital presence, we have cultivated an international audience that appreciates the beauty and thought embodied in each painting. By leveraging our expertise in art shipping, we bridge the gap between Charleston and art buyers in distant lands. This allows our creations to find their forever homes no matter where in the world that may be.

Our ability to ship a significant portion of our paintings internationally while maintaining our base in Charleston shows our commitment to both the local community and the broader art world. We take pride in being a conduit for the distribution of art.   Connecting artists and collectors from different corners of the globe is very rewarding. Whether it's a vibrant coastal marsh painting finding its place in a beach house in California or a thought-provoking abstract piece adorning a wall in Europe, our art transcends boundaries, sparking joy and inspiration wherever it goes.

Peace of Mind when Shipping Art:  Insurance

At LePrince Fine Art Galleries, we go the extra mile to ensure the protection for your valuable art during transit. With our art dealer's insurance policy, we provide full coverage that insures 100% of the art's value. This means that in the event of damage, loss, or any unfortunate circumstances during transit, your investment is fully insured. Our commitment to protecting the value of the art is further evident by this added layer of security. You can trust LePrince Fine Art Galleries to handle your precious art. Handling art requires utmost care throughout the delivery process.

While Charleston, with its thriving art scene and tourist appeal, remains our home, our art finds its way to places far beyond. By shipping nearly 80% of our paintings to other states and countries, we extend the reach of our carefully curated collection, connecting with a global audience hungry for artistic expression. At LePrince Fine Art, we take immense pride in our ability to share the beauty of our art with buyers worldwide, forging connections and spreading the joy that art brings.


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