Artist Ignat Ignatov: Featured on Fox 24 Charleston News - LePrince Charleston Art Galleries on King Street

Artist Ignat Ignatov: Featured on Fox 24 Charleston News

Artist Ignat Ignatov visits Charleston's Fox 24 newsroom for a sit down interview with Leyla Gulen.

Interview Summary

Watch the interview above to learn about artist Ignat Ignatov and his journy from a presrigiuos art school in home country of Bulgaria to the Los Angeles, California. During his time California Ignatov carved action figures from wood that were later used to produce children toys.  His painting talent earned him a teaching position at the Los Academy of Figurative Art.  From there, Ignatov began selling his oil paintings through several galleries throughout the country before gaining representation in Charleston, SC.  After a few trips to the Lowcountry, he packed his bags and moved to the Holy City. 

Brief Biography

Today, contemporary artist Ignat Ignatov is widely recognized for his exceptional talent and the expressive richness of his paintings. His artworks captivate viewers with vividness and depth, showcasing a remarkable interpretation of fine art's spirit.

Because Ignat's art is marked by versatility as he adapts his style and approach to each new subject, he has a diverse and engaging portfolio. Whether capturing bustling city streets or charming alleyways in Charleston, his  city scape paintings with vibrant color, light, and texture, conveying the energy and atmosphere of urban landscapes.

For instance, Ignat's meticulous attention to detail and use of vibrant colors brings his depictions of local Charleston marsh scenes, alive.  This talent enables him to breathe life into these serene landscapes. He skillfully renders the interplay between light and water, evoking a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Throughout his artistic journey, Ignat Ignatov constantly pushes creative boundaries. His paintings not only capture the visual aspects of his subjects but also convey the emotions and energy they embody. Whether exploring urban cityscapes or the wonders of nature, Ignat's works leave a lasting impression, immersing viewers in a world of color, light, texture, atmosphere, energy, and emotion.

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