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Ignat Ignatov

Sunny Day in Charleston

Sunny Day in Charleston

Oil Painting on Canvas

Artwork Size: 24x36

Size w/ Frame: 27x39

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About Ignatov's Door Series:

Growing up in Bulgaria, I was surrounded by beautiful and ornate architecture, and the grandeur and beauty of Charleston's doorways has reminded me of the artistic traditions of my home country. Each doorway tells a unique story, from the grand and imposing to the more modest and understated, and I find myself drawn to the intricate designs and vibrant colors that make them so special.

As I paint, I try to capture the essence of Charleston's doorways, infusing my Bulgarian artistic traditions with the magic and wonder of this new place I call home. I use bold, bright colors to convey the warmth and vitality of the city, and play with light and shadow to emphasize the depth and complexity of the doorways.

In my paintings, I also try to tell the stories of the people who have passed through these doorways over the years, from the city's rich history to the lives of the people who live there today. I include small details, like the peeling paint and the intricate carvings, that speak to the passage of time and the enduring spirit of the city.

Ultimately, I hope that my paintings serve as a tribute to both my Bulgarian roots and the beauty and history of Charleston, capturing the magic and wonder of this remarkable city through the eyes of an immigrant artist.

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