about Orlin Invanov

Artist Orlin Invanov

 Orlin Ivanov - (B. 1977)


“Art gives me the freedom to discover new things and ways of creating, which can be only uncovered by exploring. I play with new shapes and materials and try to find the harmony in between. My artwork exemplifies the forces of nature over time and naturally occurring micro structures”

Orlin is a contemporary artist with unique style that enables him to frolic with new ideas and forms which translates into his sculptures. The delicate balance between texture, color and form of different types of wood and the combination of metal and stone makes the light paint a unique visual in his art.

Orlin was born and grew up in Varna, Bulgaria. At very early age he showed interest in art and sculpture and he was always creating new pieces from different mediums. When he was thirteen his talent obtained him one of only thirty positions to the acclaimed School of Arts in Tryavna, Bulgaria. During his studies there, Orlin received the foundation for his Art career. In 1996 he was accepted in the New Bulgarian University majoring in traditional animation. After a few semesters there he decided to pursue higher education in the United States. He moved to California in 1999 where he completed a bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University. All throughout his life, Orlin has been working on evolving and perfecting his skills. His artworks are sold to private collectors in the United Sates and Europe.