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The LePrince Art Gallery in Charleston, SC features a variety of original landscape paintings from local, low-country artists to nationally acclaimed artists. You can find everything from representational impressionistic landscape oil paintings featuring a soft moody tonal palette to bold contemporary abstract landscapes crafted with thick (impasto) vivid oil colors and textures.

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Oil paintings of landscapes are as diverse in style as they are in size. Kevin LePrince is known for painting loose impressions of dynamic sunsets over the marsh. Landscape works represent the most popular subject with art collectors regardless of their style - abstract, impressionistic, or representational. Landscape artists usually share the same goal of capturing the simplicity and beauty in an oil painting of low-country marsh grasses, river sunsets, and beach seascapes.

Somehow each artist always manages to establish their own voice/style through the "marks" they make on their canvases. Deborah Hill's landscapes are very abstracted in a gestural way but are equally as popular as Marc Anderson's representational works and Vicki Robinson's impressionistic paintings.

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16" x 16"
En Blanc
12.5" x 9.5"
Path Series #20
36" x 36"
Bohicket Marina
30" x 40"
Summer Shade
12" x 12"
Wet Land
8" x 24"
Green House
6" x 8"
Majestic Oak
9" x 12"
Salento, Italy
First Horse I
8" x 10"
Salento Coast, Italy
36" x 30"
One Last Stop
30" x 40"
9"x 12"
Sur le quai
12.5" x 9.5"
Umbrella Oasis
12" x 12"
Lowcountry Marsh
12" x 16"
Tidal Creek
Le Campanile
16" x 16"
Cloudy Day
30" x 48"
Sunset Clouds
9" X 12"
Blue Tranquility
12" x 24"
Gentle Marsh
5.5" x 7.5"
Sunrise Colors
Sunlit Live Oaks
Afternoon Breeze
30" x 48"

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