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Curt Butler

Shem Creek Abridged

Shem Creek Abridged

Oil Painting on Canvas

Artwork Size: 36" x 72" Diptych

Size w/ Frame: 39" x 75"

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From the Artist:

On Colman Bridge I stand and stare,

At Shem Creek's abstract art so rare,

With gestural strokes, the colors blend,

A canvas that nature did extend.

The water flows with subtle grace,

Its form a dance that time can't erase,

A canvas painted by the tides,

Reflecting shades of earth and skies.

The boats that dock along the shore,

A vibrant splash of hues galore,

They dot the scene with pointed lines,

A testimony to man's designs.

From up above, a bird's eye view,

A patchwork quilt of greens and blues,

A canvas that's forever new,

A masterpiece of nature's brew.

On Colman Bridge I stand and see,

A painting that's alive and free,

An abstract art that's always true,

Shem Creek, a vision come to view.

Artist – Curt Butler

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