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Brooke Major is a professional artist with a passion for horses and art. For the past 20 years, she has been living and working between Georgia, USA and Normandy, France. Her unique artistic approach combines painting and sculpting, where she uses impasto to sculpt a painting rather than simply painting it. This technique involves applying thick layers of paint with a palette knife to create a textured relief, resulting in an ever-changing image that reacts to light and shadow.

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Brooke draws inspiration from her childhood experiences, which include traveling, horses, and architecture. Her love for horses led her to pursue her dream of breeding show jumpers, while her passion for art inspired her to set up her art studio in an 18th-century farmhouse on the beach in Normandy. Her work reflects her love for both disciplines, and she creates beautiful pieces that showcase her unique technique.

Brooke Major

The Importance of Art Lighting

Art is an expression of creativity and beauty that deserves to be showcased in the best possible way. One of the essential elements in showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of fine art is proper lighting. The quality of the light source used in art lighting plays a significant role in the way that we perceive color and texture.

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