November: Shuler | Westerberg Art Exhibition - LePrince Charleston Art Galleries on King Street

November: Shuler | Westerberg Art Exhibition

Join us Friday, November 3, 2023 for an art exhibition featuring Rene Romero Schuler and Aaron Westerberg in Charleston, SC at The LePrince Gallery. 

Show Information:

Artists: Rene Romero Schuler / Aaron Westerberg

Art Exhibition Date: Friday November 3, 2023

Exhibition Time: 5PM - 8PM

Venue: LePrince Gallery, 184 King St. Charleston, SC 29401

View Rene Romero Schuler's  and Aaron Westerberg at LePrince Gallery.

About Artist Rene Romero Schuler:

Artist René Romero Schuler is a contemporary American artist who creates deeply emotional and textured paintings and sculptures. Additionally, her works speak to the complex nature of the human experience and the spirit that connects us all. Schuler's childhood experiences and personal journey heavily influence her art. Her work is equal parts self-portraiture and depictions of the range of emotions she has experienced.

About Artist Aaron Westerberg:

Artist Aaron Westerberg is an American artist and oil painter living in Los Angeles, California known for exceptional portraits of women. In addition, he has been called a modern say Sargent by many in the art community. Recent landscape work has featured references from his trips to Charleston, SC. Art is often a collision of coincidences and passion.

For Westerberg, time and place aligned in unforeseen ways, igniting a canvas and sparking an impassioned affair with colors, movement, and stillness. Skillfully capturing a singular moment in time, Aaron Westerberg, a classically trained oil painter, actively explores the world of poetry through the use of color, shadow, contrast, and tone.

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